Non-removable dentures
    • Non-metal ceramics

We use the most widely recognized material of modern dentistry to produce restorations from non-metal ceramics – zirconium dioxide, which has high biological compatibility and excellent aesthetic properties.

    • Metal ceramics

The advantages of this type of restorations include their low price and time-proven use. We add special precision of manufacture to the technology, which has been used for 50 years, by using cutting-edge CAD/CAM technologies.

    • Ceramic crowns supported by an implant

Speed of execution and impeccable precision at all stages of denture production are achieved by using the cast and articulator production system of Austrian company AmannGirrbach and the CAD/CAM system ZirkonZahn, which also excludes any possible imprecisions compared with manual work.

    • Anatomical crowns

Restoration of the anatomical shape of a tooth by means of a metal with the use of a high-precision AmannGirrbach articulator and 3D scanner ZirkonZahn, while keeping the service price affordable.

    • Temporary crowns

By means of ZirkonZahn technological equipment, we can produce a high precision temporary crown in as little as one hour, providing maximum convenience and an aesthetically pleasing result for the patient.

    • Inlays from metal, ceramics and zirconium

Laboratory production of inlays (inlays, onlays) from metal, pressed ceramics and zirconium dioxide avoids undesirable effects of the bacteriological influences that are characteristic of composite fillings.

    • Veneers from ceramics

The contemporary equipment of our laboratory enables the production of especially thin on lays of composite ceramics (veneer) for the restoration of aesthetics and functionality without the need to dissect the tooth.

Removable dentures
    • Removable dentures on plastic base

The IvoBase polymerization apparatus we use for the production of removable dentures calculates the thermal profile and material composition with utmost precision. It also adjusts the supply of plastic at the required pressure, thus preventing imprecisions in the base of the denture during the polymerisation process, and minimising the shrinkage of plastic.


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