We use the equipment of leading European manufacturers for dental laboratories.

Articulators by Austrian AmannGirrbach made of carbon and metal alloy are renowned worldwide for their precision of jaw movement simulation. This allows errors and imprecisions in the transfer of jaw proportions to be avoided, as well as the precise positioning of the maxilla relative to the jaw joint to develop the denture.

Our restorations need not be adjusted during delivery to patients – their precision allows for considerable time savings for dentists.

We also use Italian ZirkonZahn equipment for the production of restorations.

OurCAD/CAM system consists of a 3D scanner, milling cutter and sintering furnace.

The principal advantage of this system lies in the absolute precision of work performance, which is only available with the highest class equipment.

The laboratory equipment we carefully select offers a wide range of options and provides maximum work process efficiency.

For our customers the key advantage of this approach is short delivery times and impeccable results.